The Nobel collection, Volume 3

Collection Editors

Idan Segev, Robert Knight

About this collection

This third Volume of our unique Nobel Collection brings you new, fascinating articles by Nobel Prize winners (called Laureates), written specifically for young minds. These amazing scientists explain their ground-breaking discoveries and how they achieved them, and also share their insights on how to make your own path in a science career in a way that leads to a happy future. Like everything Frontiers for Young Minds publishes, these articles have been reviewed and approved by young students like you!

What are the Nobel Prizes?
All researchers are working worldwide to add to the sum of human knowledge. Occasionally, brilliant new discoveries can totally transform the way we understand and interact with our universe and ourselves. These discoveries are celebrated with Nobel Prizes, founded by Alfred Nobel in his will and awarded since 1901, to represent the highest level of recognition for research. In our Collection, we feature Nobel Laureates in the fields of Chemistry, Physics, Physiology or Medicine and Economics.

Did you know that you, our readers, share important traits with our Nobel Laureates? When you are passionate about something, like a hobby or a skill, you happily devote your free time to it and enjoy the process of learning and improving in doing it. For many Nobel Laureates, their scientific work is their hobby which they are continuously curious about. They often express gratitude for the fact that a great interest or skill of theirs became what they do for a living.

Nobel Laureate Bert Sakmann, who discovered how cells in the brain generate electricity, told us: “[after reading my article] my grandchildren, finally understood, they say, what their grandfather was doing for a living!”.
Like Sakmann’s grandchildren, let the articles published in this volume help you understand the Laureates’ work, how their discoveries are shaping our lives, and how science might shape your future too!

Check out the 20 inspiring Nobel articles in Volume 1 and Volume 2– find out about key discoveries ranging from how we can live longer and healthier lives, to how we might find life on planets beyond our solar system!

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