We seek to connect curious minds to the experts and information that will motivate them to ask informed and critical questions about real science throughout their lives. By working directly with scientists, we ensure that our content is of the highest quality. By working directly with kids, we help foster curiosity both in and out of the classroom and engage the next generation of citizens and scientists.

What do we do?

Frontiers for Young Minds believes that the best way to make cutting-edge science discoveries available to younger audiences is to enable young people and scientists to work together to create articles that are both top quality and exciting.

Distinguished scientists are invited to write about their discoveries in a language that is accessible for young readers, and it is then up to the kids themselves – with the help of a science mentor – to provide feedback and explain to the authors how to best improve the articles before publication.

This unique process produces a collection of freely available scientific articles by leading scientists, shaped for younger audiences by the input of their own young peers.

Even before the publication of our first 50 articles, the quality of Frontiers for Young Minds was recognized as one of the American Library Association’s 2014 Great Websites for Kids.


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How does it work?

A reseacher or group of scientists are invited to re-write a key article. These can be articles published by any publisher.

The scientists write an article translating their work into terms accessible to kids and teens. This is then submitted to Frontiers for Young Minds.

The Associate Editor assigns the manuscript to 2 Science Mentors, to guide their Young Reviewers, and they produce 2 review reports. The author must respond to this feedback point by point.

Once the review process is completed, the article is validated by the Associate Editor.

The finished article is published and made freely available on our website alongside the reviewers’ names.

Educators from all around the world are free to create activities with their kids and teens based on the articles published.

What can you find?

We publish articles that are either about new research on the cutting edge (New Discovery) or explain a key idea that is fundamental for understanding a scientific field (Core Concept). You can now find articles across all subject areas in STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine):

Who can get involved?

Young Reviewers

Kids and teens between the ages of 8-15 work with their classrooms or friends to provide feedback to the authors about how to make the best-possible articles for readers their own age, with the help of their Science Mentor.

Science Mentors

Researchers with experience in science outreach and the peer review process introduce their Young Reviewers to the idea of a life in science, the basics of science publishing, and encourage them to provide the authors with an honest and constructive review.

Associate Editors

Experienced researchers who build teams of Science Mentors, oversee the review process to make sure all of the Young Reviewer feedback is put into place, and keep an eye out for new discoveries that would be interesting or important for young readers.

Participating Organizations

Partners, sponsors, and practical supporters who want to further the Frontiers for Young Minds mission and work with us to make new projects, languages and more a reality.

Frontiers Team

Journal Team

Laura Henderson

Laura Henderson

Head of Program – Public Outreach

Laura has worked in publishing for 16+ years after her MPhil, and at Frontiers since 2016. She focuses on strategically expanding and sharing this unique and wonderful journal for everyone worldwide, inspired by her own small daughter. She loves reading, acting, creative writing, and rabbits!

Will Savage

Will Savage

Journal Manager

Will graduated with a MMedSci in 2015 and, after a short stint in cookery book publishing, decided to re-enter the scientific world by joining the Frontiers family in 2018. Will is mad for all things food, dogs, sports or travel and will happily wax lyrical about these topics all day!

Hedwig Ens

Hedwig Ens

Senior Journal Specialist

While working as a biologist, Hedwig realized she wants to make science open and accessible for all, through the power of stories. She is currently the ‘spider in the web’ for all operations behind Frontiers for Young Minds. In her free time, she explores storytelling in public speaking, music, and improvisation theater, both as student and teacher.

Ayelet Vardi

Ayelet Vardi

Journal Specialist – Hebrew

Ayelet holds a Master’s and PhD from the Weizmann Institute of Science. There she studied neurodegenerative diseases and focused on the rare lysosomal storage disorders - in particular Gaucher disease. Living in the UK with her partner and three kids, she is happy to deliver high-quality open access content in Hebrew.

Noor Fellah

Noor Fellah

Journal Specialist – Arabic

Between Libya and England, Noor always acquired new knowledge in both Arabic and English, seeing the true beauty of languages from an early age. After a degree in Linguistics, Noor worked translating, interpreting and teaching languages to young speakers. She’s strongly motivated by delivering information to young people, now making science available in many languages.

Hajer Bachi

Hajer Bachi

Journal Specialist

Hajer has always been fueled by curiosity, constantly asking the question “why?” She became fascinated by the brain and all its glory, and completed a Master’s in Neuroscience with particular interest in neurogenesis. Shortly after graduation, Hajer joined Frontiers and has found her place with Frontiers for Young Minds!

Danning Ma

Danning Ma

China Coordinator

Danning loves languages. After completing MA Translation and Interpreting in the UK, she worked in Traditional Chinese Medicine while as a simultaneous interpreter in Beijing. Now she is excited to bring all the interesting knowledge to young people. Danning plays the piano, guitar and badminton. And she has a hedgehog!

Elena Laurinavichute

Elena Laurinavichute

Journal Specialist - French

Passionate about languages, Elena is fueled by the desire to understand how people think, help them find just the right way to express themselves and bring their projects to life. She never takes a “We’ve always done things this way” for an answer and loves figure skating, crafting, and her cat.

Or  Raphael

Or Raphael

FYM Project Coordinator

Or is ecologically minded and aspires to live a zero-waste life. He has a master’s degree in Renewable Energy Engineering. In 2022, he joined FYM as a Project Coordinator, focusing on environmental projects. When he is not working, you can find him training or playing with his dog!

External Support Team

Susan  Debad

Susan Debad


Susan has been the main Editor for FYM since 2018, making all our science clear and interesting—so that nobody feels it’s “boring” or “too hard”. She has a PhD in viral immunology (how the immune system protects us against viruses). Susan lives near Washington, D.C. with her son, three dogs, and two birds.

Yael Zilbershtain Kra

Yael Zilbershtain Kra

Project Manager,FYM Israel-Bloomfield Science Museum,Jerusalem

Yael is a neuroscientist and teaches neuroscience, Math and scientific writing at the Hebrew University and various colleges. Her PhD and postdoctoral studies were at the Weizmann Institute. She has rich experience in educational projects, educational materials development and making scientific knowledge accessible. Yael enjoys watching documentaries and science videos.

Yarden Levi Nissan

Yarden Levi Nissan

Marketing and social media Manager, FYM Israel-Bloomfield Science Museum,Jerusalem

Yarden joined Frontiers in early 2022, eager to spread all the incredible knowledge FYM offers to as many people as possible, on social media and other channels. Between Mandarin studies and a Masters in English translation she was actively sharing fascinating knowledge with young people, in scientific and educational meetups. She thinks chameleons are the coolest.

Production Team

Michael Boitard

Michael Boitard

Senior Product Specialist - Translations

Michael is from Paris, fascinated by nature’s evolution to overcome challenges. Following his PhD in Neurosciences, he used scientific writing, exhibitions and activities to inspire the public to learn more about threatened species. At Frontiers, he is responsible for transforming science articles to be attractive and comprehensive for everyone to access knowledge.

Maarten Vandijck

Maarten Vandijck

Senior Product Specialist

Maarten is from Belgium, where he studied Japanese, Swedish and other languages. Now in Switzerland at Frontiers, he makes knowledge available for everyone. He is really fond of traveling, taking pictures and outgoing activities - from sky-diving to skiing. Wherever you see a dog, Maarten is probably petting it already, they are his favorite.

Technology Team

Jamie Smallbone

Jamie Smallbone

Senior Product Manager

Jamie began his career in medical publishing, supporting the publication of neurology, pediatrics and emergency medicine research. He now works as a product manager and is responsible for learning how people use the Frontiers for Young Minds website so that it can be made ever more useful to its readers.