Astronomy and Physics

The desire to look up at the sky and ask questions about the universe is one that humans have shared for thousands of years. With each new technology scientists have been able to get closer and find more answers, but these new glimpses into the universe have also created even more exciting questions to ask. There are more powerful telescopes and radars on the ground and instruments traveling deeper into space than ever before. This section of Frontiers for Young Minds will include articles that provide insight into the history of solar systems, galaxies, the universe, and the various bodies within them by studying the inner workings of stars, formation of galaxies, surfaces of planets, and all of the spaces and signals in between. Astronomy and Space Science wants to provide the next generation with access to the cutting-edge science that will start them asking the next great questions about our universe.

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Science Mentors

We would like to thank our team of Science Mentors for their valuable contribution to Frontiers for Young Minds.

Their input and guidance during the review process helps our Young Reviewers understand the importance of their role and their connection to the scientific community.