Frontiers for Young Minds

Frontiers for Young Minds


The concept of health refers to so much more than whether or not you are sick. When researchers and doctors study health, they are studying the way that the body works, how it changes over time, what can break it down, how to protect it, and how to treat problems that do occur. This section of Frontiers for Young Minds will include articles from across nutrition, fitness, disease, genetics, systems of the body, prevention, injuries, treatment and medicine, mental health, adolescence, and other changes that happen to the body as it ages. It will also include articles about the tools that are available for studying the body, measuring how it changes, preventing problems, and treating issues that do occur. By providing access to fundamental ideas and cutting-edge knowledge about health, Health wants to enable the next generation to develop a better understanding of their own bodies and make more informed decisions regarding their own futures.

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We would like to thank our team of Science Mentors for their valuable contribution to Frontiers for Young Minds.

Their input and guidance during the review process helps our Young Reviewers understand the importance of their role and their connection to the scientific community.