Frontiers for Young Minds

Frontiers for Young Minds


Biology is the study of life, and what could be more important than that? When scientists study the variety of that life – called biodiversity – they can use tools from ecology, evolution, conservation, genetics, and even the management of our natural resources. They find and describe new species, explore uncharted ecosystems, study how and why species change, investigate patterns in where and when species live, and study processes that make it possible for an ecosystem to survive or thrive. This section of Frontiers for Young Minds will include articles that describe, explore, and explain biological diversity on Earth – past, present, and future. From paleontology to botany to zoology (all animals big and small, from elephants to microbes), articles will address how living things adapt, change, and use or influence each other. Biodiversity wants to provide an opportunity for the next generation to understand the processes that have helped create this biological diversity, so that they are prepared to protect and sustain a biodiverse planet into the future.

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We would like to thank our team of Science Mentors for their valuable contribution to Frontiers for Young Minds.

Their input and guidance during the review process helps our Young Reviewers understand the importance of their role and their connection to the scientific community.