Frontiers for Young Minds

Frontiers for Young Minds


Math is the language of the universe. It is how we use logical reasoning to explain big ideas like symmetry, chaos, infinity, change, and truth. Some mathematicians study patterns for their own sake: often even the simplest problems can reveal beautiful and unexpected structures in the universe. Other mathematicians study how these patterns enable us to better understand other fields, ranging from physics to economics, neuroscience to astronomy, meteorology to music. This section of Frontiers for Young Minds will include articles from all areas of pure and applied mathematics, covering fundamental ideas, cutting-edge advances, and a broad range of applications. Mathematics wants to communicate to the next generation that mathematics is not only essential for describing the real world, but is also accessible to everyone and is an amazing natural source of beauty in its own right.

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We would like to thank our team of Science Mentors for their valuable contribution to Frontiers for Young Minds.

Their input and guidance during the review process helps our Young Reviewers understand the importance of their role and their connection to the scientific community.