Frontiers Planet Prize 2023 – Mobilizing Breakthrough Solutions for a Healthy Planet

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The ecological balance required for living healthy lives is changing on planet Earth, and we humans play a critical role in it. Scientists from around the world have mapped nine areas that are critical for the Earth’s ecological stability as described by Professor  Johan Rockström and Owen Gaffney in their book Breaking Boundaries. These are called the nine planetary boundaries and crossing these boundaries might lead to irreversible environmental change that threatens living healthy lives on a healthy planet.

Now it is the time to act, with hope and determination. Many scientists around the world are already working on finding solutions to prevent our planet from crossing these boundaries. They are developing practical scientific solutions and technological breakthroughs to mobilize widespread global action at the scale needed to preserve our planetary health. In 2023, the Frontiers Planet Prize gave its first awards to celebrate and support the work of researchers who are leading the most impactful solutions with measurable effects to help humanity save our ecosystem.

Dive into this Collection to hear from these champions from all over the world who were acknowledged in the first edition of the Frontiers Planet Prize in 2023. They will tell you about their latest breakthrough research covering everything from forest regrowth to dietary changes of people, the concept of blue carbon, and much more. Let them inspire and motivate you to help save our planet!

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