Climate Change, Volume 2

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About this collection

Our climate refers to the different types of weather we have all around the world. Some places are hot, some are cold, some are dry and some are wet. But now, our climate is changing and it's affecting everything and everyone. We know that this is happening because of the pollution we make, like putting greenhouse-gases into the air that trap the sun's heat and make our world get warmer. This is called global warming.

The changes in the climate are hurting people, animals, and plants everywhere and will continue to do so. In this Collection, we will explain what is causing the climate to change, what we can do to adapt to it, and how we can stop it from changing even more.

Climate change is a big problem that affects everyone. That's why the world's governments ask scientists to help them make decisions. These scientists work for the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and every 7-8 years they make a big report to explain what they have learned about our changing climate. The most recent IPCC Assessment Report has been published over the last 2 years.

This Collection of articles will explain the important things that the IPCC report covers, like:
1. How and why our climate is changing
2. How climate change is affecting the world and people everywhere
3. What we can do to help stop climate change

This Collection will help kids understand what's happening to their world. Young people everywhere are getting more and more interested in taking care of our planet. This Collection can help support their goals by giving them accurate information about climate change. Please also read our previous Collection with a set of core articles on climate science.

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