Frontiers for Young Minds

Frontiers for Young Minds

How can we help cities to get more sustainable through our food habits?

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Francesco Orsini, Agnès Fargue-Lelièvre, Bernd Pölling, Giuseppe Carlo Modarelli



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About this collection

Cities rely on regional and international food production to feed their inhabitants. The food system includes everything from the production of food, its processing, consumption and waste management. Improving City/Region Food systems allows for ameliorating the sustainability of our cities, also in terms of safeguarding human rights or adapting to climate change. As every city and region is an unique context, challenges faced and solutions to answer cannot be homogeneous. However, we can lean from others by sharing ides and innovations to create a virtuous learning loop where every experience may help in shaping sustainable future cities.

World population and its urbanization is increasing worldwide. Combined with climate change, this urbanization threatens our food security. To face this global challenge, we have to become aware of how we produce and consume our food. We need to identify innovative solutions to help our food systems become more sustainable. This means learning from each other and making everyone aware of the stakes and the ways each citizen can act to improve things and bring a transition to a more sustainable food system to ensure a healthy future for our planet.

This collection will accept both core concept and new discovery article about:
• Sustainable food network initiative
• Innovative solutions in food systems (be they technical, logistical, social…)
• Increasing citizen participation in the food system
• How existing innovations can be adapted and adopted elsewhere.
• Obstacles and incentive to transition to a more sustainable food system

In addition to the Editors hosting, we would acknowledge the coordination and organization efforts of Anca Gheorghică .

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