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Climate change

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Our Climate refers to the types of weather we expect at different places around the world – some places are hot or cold, or dry or wet. But we know that our climate is changing, and this is having an effect on all of us.

Sometimes these changes are caused by natural things like volcanoes, but we know that most of the climate change we see is caused by humans making pollution. This pollution changes the gases in the air and traps in the sun’s heat. This makes our world warm up – sometimes called “global warming”.

Climate change will affect all areas of the world – on the land, in the oceans and in the air. This will have impacts on people, animals and plants all over the world. This collection will describe lots of different aspects of climate change, why it is happening and what we can try to do about it.

The goal of this special collection is to bring together a set of core articles on climate science so that young people can understand the implications of new findings. It will cover the basic elements of climate and climate change and enable children to be fully informed about what is happening to their world.

We have seen a growing youth movement passionate about protecting our planet. This collection can help support such goals by ensuring objective science knowledge is made accessible to this next generation.

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