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Biomedical science is an area all younger folks should get to explore and understand as early as possible. This branch of biology is hugely underrepresented compared to other sections (e.g. Earth science, biodiversity, physics and mathematics) which garner a lot of attention from teachers and parents

I believe kids should get a chance to know about the exciting world of the immune system and get to develop their own perspective about it.In my opinion, Immunology is not an attractive discipline for most students because they do not get to learn about it early enough, and when they do, it is full of jargon and sophisticated terms.

What I want to achieve is to present and discuss the cornerstone concepts of immune system function and their roles in the crucial defense against viruses and bacteria, as well as the role of immune cells in almost every area of our bodies, including our brains.

The overarching goal is to get young minds excited about this rapidly developing topic.

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