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Rocks as Storybooks

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Rehemat Bhatia, Hon Chim Chiu, Man-Yin Tsang, Kiho Yang



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Rocks are storybooks to scientists that they record the history of the Earth. Rocks formed before life appeared on Earth, when life diversified, and during major climate and tectonic events. For many events that happened on Earth in the distant past, rocks are the only records that allow us to learn about the events. From the past events we learned from rocks, scientists can study how the Earth developed into our home, understand how environment, climate and living things affect each other, and predict how the Earth will react in future events of global changes.
We notice articles currently published in Frontiers for Young Minds cover a small area of Earth Sciences. A lot of basic skills and usages of Geoscience have not been introduced to the young readers in Frontiers for Young Minds. We hope this collection can provide young readers with the ideas of what Geoscientists do and research on.
This collection will feature the stories we have learned from rocks and sediments, the numerous tools that scientists use to find out the stories of the Earth, and the multidisciplinary nature of the field. We hope that when young readers see a rock again, they can picture the powerful knowledge that a rock contains.
We target a wide range of studies, e.g., Geoscience, Paleontology, Biogeochemistry. Interdisciplinary work is always welcome. Studies can focus on hard rock, sediments, fossils, porewater or related materials. Both ‘core concepts’ and ‘new discovery’ are welcome. Authors are encouraged to write clearly to young readers about the meaning/implications of the research (i.e., the story you found) instead of focusing on local effects or technical details.

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