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Frontiers for Young Minds is a web-based scientific journal with an editorial board of kids.

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Frontiers for Young Minds is a non-profit scientific journal for which young people serve not only as the target audience, but also as critical participants in the review of manuscripts written by expert researchers. We connect 8-15 year olds directly with leading scientists to provide feedback on articles about cutting-edge discoveries. The end result is a journal of freely available scientific articles that are written by leading scientists and shaped for younger audiences by the input of their own peers.

Since its inception, Frontiers has been committed to building bridges to better connect research communities: between disciplines, across continents, and with the general public. Frontiers for Young Minds extends these bridges to younger audiences, providing a catalyst to build on their natural curiosity. We empower young people by providing direct access to cutting-edge research, connecting them directly with members of the scientific community, and driving them to play an active role in the scientific process.

Dr. Robert Knight of the University of California Berkley had a vision for a peer reviewed journal with an editorial board made up of young people. Working with Frontiers, this has since grown into a journal where young reviewers are mentored directly by active researchers, trained to apply a critical eye to cutting-edge research written by scientific experts, and have the chance to see their feedback integrated in a published article that then becomes a lasting resource for their own peers.

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